Click Generator Real Human Actions

Real Human Actions

The actions performed by our service are 100% from real computers and web-browsers. No robot involved, your analytics will like it very much.

Traffic Generation Unique IP addresses

Unique IP addresses

Do not worry about IP redundancy, this will not happen! We guarantee unique IP addresses on every single action, various device types and user-agents.

Traffic Generator Simple clicks on your links

Link clicks

You can choose to setup a GET campaign, which will simply generate clicks on the URL of your choice. Think of the possibilities that can be carried out.

Traffic Generator Custom HTTP requests

Custom HTTP requests

You can setup HTTP POST campaigns to simulate submission of online forms, forge data with fixed or random values following patterns that you define.

Click Generation Lead injection

Lead injection

Using forged HTTP POST feature, you can spoof data picked from your own database, for more control over the content that we will be posting for you.

Click Generation Lead injection


Get details about the actions performed by your campaigns: DateTime, IP, Geolocation, and much more...